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Unlock your full potential

Find wisdom inside of you

To say thanks for buying my book, I would like to give you the first 15 essays of my next book for FREE!

My Book


What do Buddha, Aristotle, and Stephen Hawking all have in common? They all struggled with basic fundamental issues of human nature, such as managing thoughts, regulating emotions, strengthening relationships, and maximizing well-being.

The daily challenges we face in today’s modern culture seem unique to our current place in history, but they are not. This book explores that idea, while guiding you in overcoming those challenges on a daily basis.

Begin Again is a collection of 183 short essays on topics gleaned from a range of sources spanning both miles and millennia. Each essay highlights a familiar challenge (e.g., failure, stress, communication, mindset), discusses that challenge through the lens of wisdom assembled from a wide variety of thinkers, and offers practical ways to apply that wisdom in daily life.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The importance of the present moment
  • The ways in which our thoughts affect our emotions and behaviors
  • Ways to develop and maintain confidence and motivation
  • Strategies for maximizing overall well-being
  • Simple techniques that make a dramatic impact on the quality of our personal, professional, social, and family lives
  • And more…
“Every day we begin again. Every day is an opportunity for growth, development, change, and improvement. Every moment is a chance to assess our current circumstances and steer our thoughts and actions in more helpful, productive directions.”

-Brian hite, Ph.D.
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What you'll find inside

How your thoughts and ideologies impact your behavior.

How to free yourself from the counterproductive thought patterns that have unconsciously been impacting your quality of life.

Why you think what you think, do what you do, and how to leverage that knowledge for the benefit of yourself and those around you.

Unlock your full potential

Find wisdom inside of you

To say thanks for buying my book, I would like to give you the first 15 essays of my next book for FREE!


Hi, I’m Brian Hite

I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a Master’s in Sport Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology. In addition to that, I’m a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC), Certified Leadership Coach (CLC), and Certified Executive Coach (CEC).

I’ve spent the last 10 years working with the U.S. Army as a Master Resilience Trainer and performance psychology consultant, and I’m currently on the faculty at Grand Canyon University as a Dissertation Chair for Ph.D. students.

I’m also the owner and founder of Begin Again Performance Psychology, which focuses on developing mental strength and overall well-being in athletes and performing artists of all ages—and it’s not just for pro athletes: we work with kids all the way up through adults who want to get better at their craft or sport while also improving their overall happiness and well-being!

My book “Begin Again” expands on the idea that our life quality depends on how we think and the ways in which we understand and interpret what happens to and around us every day. Using wisdom from a multitude of Eastern and Western philosophical and scientific traditions, we can develop the self-awareness and self-regulation skills necessary for navigating life’s challenges on a daily basis.


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