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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Individual sessions cost $195 per session, or Five-session packages can be purchased for $850.

No. We are happy to coordinate with your coach to help ensure you are getting consistent guidance; however, your coach does not have to approve, or even know about, your performance psychology work.

Yes! All of our services can be conducted virtually with performers located anywhere in the world.

Every session is tailored specifically to the performer; however, the process rhythm typically goes like this…1) identify goals and strengths, 2) explore possible obstacles in the way of achieving the goals, 3) gain knowledge and practice skills to help overcome those obstacles and build resilience along your pathway to consistent performance and overall well-being.

Absolutely!…but not always. Performers certainly benefit from the support of caring parents; however, there are also times when performers might need to talk about things they aren’t comfortable talking about in front of their parents…like their parents. So, for youth performers, we typically conduct the majority of most sessions with the performer and save 5-10 minutes at the end of the session, depending on the situation, to discuss how parents can support the progress their performer made during the session.

Absolutely not! The MENTAL STRENGTH resources that benefit athletes benefit anybody with a desire to perform their best, no matter the situation. Whether you’re performing at work, on a stage, in front of a camera, or in an arena or stadium, performance psychology concepts, techniques, and skills can help ensure that you’re always at your best, and remain at your best, when the time comes to do what you do.

Anybody who:

  • Participates in events and activities that require them to be confident, focused, energized to perform their best.
  • Wants to learn new skills and achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.
  • Wants to increase their resilience, their ability to successfully come back from, and become better as a result of, the inevitable challenges that arise in our lives.
  • Is in it for the long-haul, who needs to sustain confidence and motivation through countless bouts of doubt, rejection, and never-ending auditions throughout their career.
  • Is in the process of moving up from one performance level to another (high school to college)
  • Is transitioning out of a performance arena they’ve been an integral member of for a long time, who is in the process of moving their longtime area of performance down the priority list in order to pursue the next of life’s opportunities.

Yes. Please click here to learn more about the services we have available for teams and organizations.

Yes. Our MENTAL STRENGTH resources are just as valuable in the business world as they are in the athletic and performing worlds. At Begin Again, we offer individual executive coaching as well as coaching and consulting for organizations. Please click here to learn more about the services we have available for businesses.

We work with athletes and performers of all ages. The MENTAL STRENGTH resources we help people develop are beneficial for grade school athletes/performers just having fun at the beginning of their careers, athletes/performers in the prime of their careers, and athletes/performers still bringing it well into their twilight years.

No. We are not licensed clinical psychologists. We are performance psychology consultants providing individuals with education and coaching that will help them better navigate life’s challenges and be at their best both on and off the field/stage.