Brian Hite, Ph.D.

Phone No: 818-430-4182
Email: Brian@BeginAgain

What We Do

Performance psychology coaching designed to enable performers to:

  • Stay confident, motivated, and fully present while doing what they do to their fullest potentials.
  • Consistently showcase their talents and abilities during auditions.
  • Stay driven and motivated during the inevitable “in-between” work/performance times.
  • Transition back to performance after injury or to another area of interest.

Who We Help

Begin Again works with:

  • Actors
  • Singers
  • Dancers
  • Musicians
  • Stunt People
  • Comedians
  • Circus Performers


Anybody of any age or skill level who puts their talents and abilities on display for the entertainment of others.

How We Help

Individual Sessions

We work one-on-one with performers to:

  • Identify performers’ strengths and challenges and apply the MENTAL STRENGTH resources within their individual performance arenas.
  • Help performers consistently demonstrate their full abilities every time they enter the audition space.
  • Provide them with resources to deal effectively with the unavoidable “down times” between jobs/performances.
  • Help them recover mentally from injury to allow them to either get back in the performance arena.
  • Help performers transition from performing to their next challenge in life if they decide their performing days are over.


Our workshops can be tailored in both time and subject matter to the needs of the group we’re working with. Whether you have a touring company, acting class, live show cast, or group of dance/music students preparing for a recital, Begin Again can provide skills and techniques that will help your performers practice and perform the best they know how.

Some workshop topics include: Embracing and Using Performance Anxiety, Gaining and Sustaining Confidence, Resilience: Using Challenges to Grow and Improve, Every Time Like the First Time: Treating Every Performance Like It Was Your First Performance (for those performers who may be doing the same show for the 50th, 100th, or 500th time).

Group Sessions

For those who would rather target one specific area with the support of others experiencing similar challenges, we offer group sessions.

Each group session is one hour and focuses on a single issue shared by performers across all areas. During the session, performers draw comfort from the realization that they are not alone and share strategies that have been helpful in coping with the challenges they’ve faced.

In this supportive environment, performers absorb knowledge and cultivate strength from other people in similar situations to the ones they face.

To schedule a group session…

Group Sessions are limited to a maximum of 15 people. Once you register for a Group Session you will be emailed the Zoom link to the session.

Group Session Schedule

Performance Anxiety/Confidence (13-18 years of age)
– Monday @ 5pm Central Time
Performance Anxiety/Confidence (19 years of age and above)
– Saturday @ 5:30pm Central Time
Attention (13-18 years of age)
– Thursdays @ 5pm Central Time
Attention (19 years of age and above)
– Sunday @ 2pm Central Time

Personal Performance Plan (P3)

Consistent, high-level performance doesn’t just happen in the moment. The time leading up to and following the actual execution is critical for success.

At Begin Again, we break down performance into four phases (Before, Right Before, During, and After) and help performers create a Personal Performance Plan (P3) that is specifically tailored to their own unique needs.

Join us for our five-week P3 course! Each week, performers will be guided through the development of one of the four phases, with the final session devoted to the implementation of their P3 in their specific athletic or performance setting.

By the end of the five weeks, performers and performers will have a personalized plan in place designed to ensure they are at their best during each moment of their performance.

Date/Time: 6:30pm Thursdays