Brian Hite, Ph.D.

Phone No: 818-430-4182
Email: Brian@BeginAgain

What We Do

At Begin Again we help parents confidently and successfully ride the roller coaster of high-level performance and competition in a way that sets the conditions for their kids to realize their fullest potentials.

Who We Help

Parents of all athletes and performers. If your house or apartment is regularly the site of impromptu practice and performance; if the mileage on your car is a pretty accurate reflection of the number of miles you’ve driven to and from practices, performances, or competitions; if you’ve both cheered and consoled your child more times than you can count…Begin Again is for you.

How We Help

Individual Sessions

We work one-on-one with parents to help them navigate the myriad complexities that accompany supporting and comforting young athletes and performers. We do this by meeting parents where they are. We help parents identify their individual strengths and the specific challenges they deal with regularly and then help them develop the MENTAL STRENGTH resources that can help them be the anchor, foundation, cornerstone, and bedrock their kids need…the source of strength and encouragement necessary for their kids to achieve their potentials.

Family Sessions

During these sessions, we work with parents and kids to develop realistic expectations, effective communication styles and patterns, and a shared understanding of the performance goals as well as the pathway to achieving those goals.