Brian Hite, Ph.D.

Phone No: 818-430-4182
Email: Brian@BeginAgain

What We Do

Begin Again provides services for athletes that span the entire performance continuum, from new skill development in an unfamiliar sport to transitioning out of sport once an athletic career has ended. Whether you’re experiencing challenges keeping you from your best or are at the top of your game and want to stay there, we can help.

Who We Help

We work with recreational, competitive, elite, and professional athletes whose ages range from youth athletes in elementary school to the seasoned veterans still showing the “kids” how it’s done. Whatever your challenge or goal Begin Again can help you get and stay at the level you want to be.

Our services are specifically tailored to your unique situation and needs. Whatever your circumstances, we will provide safe, confidential, and supportive coaching and guidance.

How We Help

Individual Sessions

Each one-on-one session meets athletes where they currently are and is designed to approach performance growth holistically. Some athletes arrive with goals, others challenges, and still others with the desire to ensure they have the resources they need to maintain their edge. Whatever your needs, we will help you develop the mental skills and resources necessary for success both on the field and in all areas of your life.


Assessments help athletes gain self-awareness that is essential for their performance growth. At Begin Again, we are trained to deliver assessments in motivation, athletic intelligence, resilience, motivation, confidence, overall well-being, and more.

Group Sessions

For those who would rather target one specific area with the support of others experiencing similar challenges, we offer group sessions.

Each group session is one hour and focuses on a single issue shared by athletes at all levels. During the session, athletes draw comfort from the realization that they are not alone and share strategies that have been helpful in coping with the challenges they’ve faced.

In this supportive environment, athletes absorb knowledge and cultivate strength from other people in similar situations to the ones they face.

To schedule a group session…

Group Sessions are limited to a maximum of 15 people. Once you register for a Group Session you will be emailed the Zoom link to the session.

Group Session Schedule

Performance Anxiety/Confidence (13-18 years of age)
– Wednesday @ 5pm Central Time
Performance Anxiety/Confidence (19 years of age and above)
– Saturday @ 4pm Central Time
Attention (13-18 years of age)
– Tuesdays @ 5pm Central Time
Attention (19 years of age and above)
– Saturday @ 2pm Central Time
Injuries – Currently injured, returning from injury (13-18 years of age)
– Wednesdays @ 7pm Central Time
Injuries – Currently injured, returning from injury (19 years of age and up)
– Sunday @ 4pm Central Time

Personal Performance Plan (P3)

Consistent, high-level performance doesn’t just happen in the moment. The time leading up to and following the actual execution is critical for success.

At Begin Again, we break down performance into four phases (Before, Right Before, During, and After) and help athletes create a Personal Performance Plan (P3) that is specifically tailored to their own unique needs.

Join us for our five-week P3 course! Each week, athletes will be guided through the development of one of the four phases, with the final session devoted to the implementation of their P3 in their specific athletic or performance setting.

By the end of the five weeks, athletes and performers will have a personalized plan in place designed to ensure they are at their best during each moment of their performance.

Date/Time: 5:30pm Sundays